Rubber Mulch - Long Lasting

Garden and playground rubber mulch in Perth, Western Australia.

Playground Rubber Mulch

Another popular use for rubber mulch is in playgrounds. After all, a playground rubber floor is a much kinder and softer surface for little feet than traditional wood chip mulch! The benefits of rubber mulch when matched up with wooden mulch for playgrounds are the same as they are for gardens. Rubber mulch is long-lasting, great looking, it won’t attract termites and it’s non-toxic. These are all reasons why rubber chips make the best playground mulch material.

Artificial Turf Direct Rubber Mulch is a premium, high quality mulch. Come visit our artificial grass Perth showroom in O’Connor, WA today!

Rubber Mulch for Gardens

There’s nothing nicer than the look of a tidy, mulched garden. Choosing a rubber mulch for your garden comes with many benefits. You help prevent evaporation for one. And rubber garden mulch helps keep pesky weeds at bay. From overall cost to soil health and plant health, if you love to have a well groomed garden all throughout the year, consider switching to a rubber mulch.

Artificial Turf Direct Black & Brown Rubber Mulch could be the solution for your Australian home garden beds or business outdoor areas. Contact Artificial Turf Direct today for any rubber mulch related enquiries.

The benefits of rubber mulch for playgrounds are the same as those for gardens – it’s long lasting, looks good, doesn’t attract termites and it’s non-toxic. Rubber is simply a tried and true, go-to wooden mulch replacement.

So, what are the benefits of rubber mulch? Here are just a few:


  • It’s long lasting and doesn’t fade
    Rubber mulch lasts much longer than traditional wood chip mulch. Rubber mulch lasts from 10-20 years, while you’ll only get about 6 months out of wood chip garden mulch.
  • It locks in moisture
    This will keep the soil (and your plants) happy, while also helping to keep your water bills down. Save money and your soil.
  • It’s non-toxic
    Okay, so rubber mulch won’t break down to add nutrients to the soil like garden mulch will, but its non-toxic covering and environmentally friendly recycled production makes up for this.
  • It doesn’t attract termites
    Termites love wood, so why give them a free meal with traditional wood chip mulch? They’ll want nothing to do with your rubber mulch.
  • It’s portable
    Relocating your home or business? If you move house, you can just rake up your rubber garden mulch and take it with you. Too easy!

Black Rubber Mulch

black rubber mulch

Black Mulch: $30 /12.5kg bag covers 1sq. m at 40mm depth

Brown Rubber Mulch

brown rubber mulch for playgrounds in perth, wa

Brown Mulch: $33/12.5kg bag covers 1sq. m at 40mm depth

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