Synthetic Hockey Turf

Artificial Grass Hockey Turf For Year-Round Play

Since its inception in the 1970s, hockey synthetic turf (also known as hockey astro turf) has revolutionised the sport, allowing for a much faster game with far less room for error. This new hockey turf has also seen a change in hockey sticks and playing techniques, with reverse stick trapping and hitting just a few of the tricks that are much harder to achieve on a traditional field hockey surface of grass.

Hockey astro turf differs from artificial turf used in other sports, in that it doesn’t try to reproduce the look and feel of grass. Instead, the non-directional shorter fibres used in this type of synthetic turf allow for much greater speeds. Good hitting and trapping skills are therefore essential on this type of surface!

Our hockey turf is also designed for both wet and dry play, making it ideal for year-round competitions. Plus, with easy installation via our experienced team, together with low maintenance to allow for years of top-grade play, our hockey astro turf is the perfect match for your needs.

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