Weed Control Mat

Heavy Duty Black Artificial Turf Mat

Stop weeds from ruining your lawn. Our black artificial turf weed control mat provides a tough, durable cover that can be used to stop weeds from growing in your artificial lawn. Since the mat is made from tough PE material it will not tear or flap in the wind, and is UV-resistant to last a long time. Stop the usage of weed killers and enjoy a beautiful lawn without the hassle of weeding.

Why use an artificial turf mat?

When you don’t utilize weed barrier under and up the side walls of your artificial grass installation, worms, ants, and weeds invade the turf’s edge. A weed control mat can even aid with rodent control.

Turf Mat Features:

  • Heavy duty
  • UV-resistant and durable
  • Porous surface
  • Allows nutrients and water to pass through
  • Great alternative to chemical weed killers
  • Material: 85g/m2 PE
  • Colour: black

Full roll 3.66m x 50m $130+GST

Or $3 +GST per lineal meter.

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