Urinefree all in one Odour and Stain Remover

We supply both UrineFree and Backyard Fresh in 5L bottle, as it is a more economy option.

Urinefree 5L $105+ GST

Backyard Fresh 5L $69+ GST

Buy both to receive 15% discount!

About urineFREE:

urineFREE® is a guaranteed* all-in-one bio-enzymatic product that will clean and remove ALL urine odours and urine stains whether dog urine, cat urine, other pet urine, human urine and household accidents.

All urine smells and stains are cleaned and removed with urineFREE®, a guaranteed* all-in-one bio-enzymatic solution.

We promise that urineFREE will permanently remove pee from carpets and fabrics as well as wood floors and cement.

UrineFREE works!

Urine contains urea, urochrome, and uric acid crystals.

However, most general cleaners only remove urine’s water-soluble components (urea and urochrome), leaving behind the non-soluble uric acid crystals that preserve the urine stain and unpleasant urine odor These crystals stick to surfaces and are hard to remove. Wetness wakes up dormant crystals, bringing back the urine stench.

To get rid of the urine stain and smell for good, the bio-enzymatic formula in urineFREE “eats” the pee crystals and urine.

urineFREE is non-toxic, biodegradable, and non-toxic to people and animals.

Please see the following link: https://www.urinefree.com.au/synthetic_grass

Synthetic grass is frequently laid on a crushed rock and sand substrate with drainage holes. If the synthetic grass has been urinated on, the urine will likely soak through the grass and onto the gravel and sand underneath.

Humidity or heat enters the grass, activating uric acid crystals (the cause of urine scent).

When urine dries, it crystallizes uric acid, which is difficult to eliminate. Normal cleansers and water will not dissolve the non-soluble uric acid crystals, leaving the stench behind. Only urineFREEbio-enzymatic ®’s composition permanently dissolves uric acid crystals.

urinary crystals, urea, and urochrome components are “eaten” by urineFREE’s bio-enzymatic activity to completely eradicate pee odor.

Use urineFREE to permanently eliminate urine odor and stains.

BackyardFRESH – a cost-effective solution

However! Because many dogs frequent your flower beds, synthetic grass / artificial turf, or their favorite location, it is not always required to remove the urine deposit each time. Permanently eliminating urine deposits from these regions might be pricey!

In addition, BackyardFRESHTM is a high performance, safe odour control product. This innovative ready-to-use mix works outside, leaving even fake grass feeling clean!

The non-harmful and non-toxic components in this unique chemical mixture give long-lasting comfort, unlike air fresheners that cover odors momentarily.

The urineFREE® option for eliminating urine smells on synthetic grass is BackyardFRESHTM! BackyardFRESHTM will provide long-lasting relief from urine scents as well as other pet and exterior aromas.

BackyardFRESHTM is an odour eliminator and although it is long lasting, the urine odour will return if the deposit is not removed. urineFREE is the only way.

BackyardFRESH should be used in between urineFREE treatments to provide long-term relief from pee smells and urine deposit buildups under your artificial grass.

How much urineFREE do I need to clean my artificial grass?

On the other hand, the porosity of your synthetic grass will determine the quantity of urineFREE you need. For example, a medium-sized dog may urinate 200-2000ml every day. This is a lot of pee in a year. As a result, we cannot propose a specific amount. The more pee you have, the more urineFREE you will need. 5 & 10 Litres for bigger deposits, although more may be necessary for continuing upkeep.

If your pet returns to this lawn, thorough eradication is pricey, but frequent care to remove pee with urineFREE can help decrease long-term smells. BackyardFRESH may be used in between urineFREE treatments.

The Synthetic Grass Packages we propose are merely suggestions. It may be adequate in some circumstances, but not in others. If the grass has been urinated on for a long time, additional urineFREE may be required.

How to remove pee and urine odors from synthetic grass

For retailers and consumers.

How to apply urineFREE on fake grass:

Saturate the grass with urineFREE so that it permeates into the drainage pores and removes the underlying urine stench. To be 100% effective, urineFREE must touch all pee.

The quantity of urineFREE needed may be reduced by pulling back the synthetic grass at different corners and treating the crush rock or sand base directly.

On warmer days, do not treat the grass as urineFREE will dry up and lose efficacy. The finest time is late at night.

Avoid treating the grass in the rain since it dilutes the treatment.

During treatments, some customers cover the synthetic grass with a plastic sheet to keep it wet. It still works when wet. One hour to midnight is adequate.

After the initial application, wash down the grass to eliminate the biological activity residue. On old urine or bigger deposits, it may require more than one treatment. The nose test will reveal your success. If the scent is gone and your pet is still using the grass, apply monthly or as needed.

BackyardFRESH may also be used to manage urine smells between urineFREE treatments, lowering ongoing maintenance expenditures.

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