The Benefits of Synthetic Turf

Where to begin? We know there are so many reasons why you should consider synthetic turf over the real thing, but, we just don’t know where to begin… The list of benefits of synthetic turf can sometimes seem endless to us, we just love it so much!

Let’s start with those most important to us. Our children and our pets. It’s totally safe for them to play on, it’s comfy and soft, pretty to look at and a great way to get them to spend more time outdoors. They can play outside for hours with no worry of dirt and sand getting everywhere, except where it should be, in the sandbox.

Next up on the list, as it’s also so important – water. With so many regions in the world currently struggling with terrible droughts, what better way to save water than by installing artificial turf? No more watering cans, hose pipes and buckets being hauled outside to try to revive dry, yellow grass. Artificial turf stays just the same in both sunny conditions and rainy conditions. So no more worrying about all that hot, dry, windy weather.

Say goodbye to sandy patches underneath trees and bare patches under every spot of shade.

No more grass related allergies or sand fleas on those dry dusty bits just waiting to pounce on your pets when they go outside.

Gaze at your beautiful green garden year-round. Really, 12 months straight, day and night, your grass will be green and the envy of your neighbours. If you have no garden area, then why not create one with artificial grass and some pot plants and a little bench to sit and take in the sight of your lovely new garden space.

Save money on fertilisers, composts and manures, lawnmowers, garbage bags and rakes.

We could go on, but we will stop here and carry on another day because really, there is lots more.

Why not try it out and see for yourself?

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