Retirement = Lazy Gardening?

Retirement = Lazy Gardening?

You are probably looking forward to the time when you can retire. It marks the end of an era and

serves as a reward for all the hard work you have done over the years. Retirement is a time you

can truly enjoy yourself, spend more time with your family and do things you love such as


However, by the age of 70, we will lost about 30 percent of the muscle mass we had at the age 20.

This leads into decreased strength and increase in fatigue when trying to do the same amount

of activity from 10 or 15 years ago. This is a common reason for the loss of passion towards

gardening as sometimes gardening is tiring.

Nowadays, there’s a real shift in the way we approach garden to become a modern garden where

it requires minimal maintenance and it looks fresh and green all year around.

Retirement gardening short cuts:

  • Get yourself moving

Gardening is a relaxing activity and also a form of exercise as you mixing soil or removing weeds ,

so before you begin each session, take a few minutes to warm up your body with some stretches

to reduce the risk of injury.

  • Downsize your garden

It is hard to make a decision to downsize garden as it is a loss of a lifelong garden. However,

some of the huge plants and pots have become too difficult to manage at this age. In this case,

pot up some of your favourite plants can help you decide what to take with you and what to leave

behind or give them away as presents. Set your own pace and level of activity, so that you can

continue to garden well into retirement.

  • Choose long life grass

Does long life grass exist? Yes, synthetic grass can last for more than 20 years! Hence, transform

synthetic grass in your front and back yard is a great idea when you’re having an enjoyable retire

time. This is because you do not have to water the grass or give fertilizer and worry about the

weed. Long life grass is a water, sweat and time savers!

  • Choose easy-care plants

Don’t go for difficult plants when you can get easy care plants such as succulents. Succulents

became the trendiest members of the plant kingdom nowadays as they are easy to grow with and

need very little attention. If you want to pay a little more attention on plants, bonsai trees are great

too as it is a wonderful hobby and a great stress reliever.

  • Soil matters

There’s nothing nicer than the look of a tidy, mulched garden. By choosing rubber mulch for your

garden, you will also be able to help prevent evaporation and keep pesky weeds at bay. It locks in

moisture and keep the soil (and your plants) happy.

Don’t let the messy yard become a big issue of your retirement when you want to enjoy spending

time with family or out for vacations. It is easy to let your garden makeover a modern and easy

care garden. Let us help you to have a pleasant retirement lifestyle!

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