Our Latest Artificial Turf Installation, in Bibra Lake, Perth, Western Australia

We are fortunate enough to be able to work outside most of the time and so we were looking forward to our latest artificial turf installation, in Bibra Lake, Perth. We love our city, and if you have not yet visited this suburb before, it is very peaceful and pretty. As you can imagine, it has a beautiful lake to walk around for exercise, happy neighbours and of course nature right on your doorstep with lots of trees and greenery everywhere.

The Jetty 2_Installation  BibraLake_Installation

Even in this setting though, grass can struggle and that’s where we come in.

We did an installation in Bibra Lake this week for a now very pleased homeowner.

No matter the shape, size, slope or shade in your area of choice, we are able to assist you in selecting the right artificial turf for your individual needs.

IMG_1330 Installation  IMG_1332 Installation

IMG_1333 Installation  IMG_1336 Installation

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Our residential artificial turf products come complete with a huge range of benefits for you and your home. Artificial grass makes the perfect choice for:

  • Low maintenance lifestyles: There’s no need to weed, water or mow
  • Areas that are heavily shaded or exposed to harsh sun
  • Small backyards or garden areas
  • Providing safe, soft and prickle-free yards for young feet
  • An instant and lasting lush garden effect
  • A better alternative to paving

Our warehouse in O’Connor is kept fully stocked with our huge variety of residential artificial grass, with DIY installation options available. Our artificial grass cost varies from product to product, but you can rest assured we have options to suit every style of garden and budget.

We don’t just offer artificial lawns for homes – we are also proud to introduce our rubber mulchaluminium garden edgingu-shaped pegs and joining tape products. All of these products add that special finishing touch to your outdoor space, and are highly durable, meaning your garden will continue to look it’s very best long after you’ve finished doing it up!

To find out more about the residential products we provide, call our friendly team on 9337 7715 or fill out an online enquiry.


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