Bars and Restaurants, and the Green Green Grass

When you think of a bar or a restaurant, you think of good food, drinks, laughter, family, friends, comfy booths or white linen. What you imagine may differ depending on whether you are single, married, dating or have little kids. But, it all generally revolves around somewhat similar criteria. You are looking for a place to go out to, have a good time and not have to worry about cooking and dishes when you get home.

What if I added the word ‘grass’ or ‘turf’ to the above list. You would be confused, right? Unless you are looking at going to an outdoor restaurant. Even then, the type of ground cover would not even enter your thoughts. You would naturally just assume the restaurant or bar would be typical in appearance. It would have walls, ceiling, floor. Nothing out of the ordinary. A floor is a floor. We all walk on them all day every day just to get around. Carpets, tiles, floorboards, the options go on.

What about a bar or a restaurant with a grass ground cover?

Just imagine your tired feet after a long day of walking and running around, resting on cool, comfy, soft grass under your table or bar stool?

Or, be really daring and add it to your ceiling or walls, even put it on your bathroom doors or as covers on the toilet seats.

Anything you can think of, it can be covered in grass! The options and ideas are literally endless.

Interested? We were!

We love all things grass, synthetic grass that is. There are a million reasons why we choose synthetic over the real deal, but we will get into that in another post. For now, we just want you to think about the comfort, the neat, clean look. The originality of the idea if you do it before anyone else you know does.

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