Artificial Vertical Gardens and the four things you need to know before installing them

Now that your grass is beautiful and green all year round, what about having some fun with your walls now too? Or, perhaps you don’t have room for green grass, so you would prefer to utilise the space that you do have available to you, and that means going vertical.

There are several pointers to think about when installing a vertical garden wall made from artificial plants, grasses and flowers:

1.  You will need to select the type of plant that you like.

Have a browse through our artificial plants.

2.  Enquire about the materials involved in putting up the plants that you have selected. Are they hardy? Can they withstand a lot of sun, dust, maybe even some dampness – all of this, of course, depends on where you will be doing your installation.

For example, a highly sunlit area may cause damage to your plants in terms of fading or colour changing over a long period of time.

3.  Look into the installation methods. You will most likely not be able to DIY this choice of greenery. But always find out first how your installer intends to affix the feature to your wall. Will your wall manage the extra weight? This will also depend on the type of wall structure you want your feature attached to.

4.  Finally, what about the rules, laws or regulations in your area or office building? Are you allowed to work on the side of your building or at great heights? Have all safety precautions been considered? Again, this all depends on where you are installing your artificial wall garden.

Whether you use Artificial Turf Direct or another supplier to do your installation, know what you need to do beforehand.

Use our checklist as a way and means of doing things properly so that you don’t have any unpleasant surprises later on. This could even include vertical gardens that slip or fixtures that rust, or plants that are brittle from sun damage, plants that fall off the wall, etc.

Good luck and enjoy your wall designing and decorating!


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